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Dig A Little Deeper


“Don’t matter what you look like
Don’t matter what you wear
How many rings you got on your finger
We don’t care- No we don’t care!


You got to dig a little deeper
Find out who you are
You got to dig a little deeper
It really ain’t that far

When you find out who you are
You’ll find out what you need
Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed
You got to dig”



Maybe London/Paris

Maybe. Maybe not.

Maybe here. Maybe there.

(Thanks my Mia)


Pearls Of Wisdom

“Blank on Blank” digs into old interviews archives and brings them to life in animated videos. So much precious material had been lost and is now being immortalized, thanks to them.

Check out the ones by Ray Charles:

“What I got to live up to is being myself. If I do that, the rest will take care of itself.”

And by Janis Joplin (recorded 4 days before her death):

“You are only as much as what you settle for.”