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Love is Art

“Created by South African-born artist Jeremy Brown, the LOVE IS ART kit is a package containing all the materials that couples need to create a different kind of abstract art while being intimate with each other.

According to the project website, Brown, inspired by 60′s French artist Yves Klein and Andy Warhol’s performance pieces, has been making art during intimacy for years. One day a friend saw one of the paintings at his house and asked about it. After finding out how the piece was made, that friend asked for the materials that she and her husband would need to create the same kind of art for their anniversary. Brown packed all the materials for his friend and even included a few instructions. That was how the idea for the LOVE IS ART kit was born.


The kit includes all natural non-toxic paint, a cotton canvas that has been specially-treated, a painter’s tarp to protect surfaces from paint splatters, disposable slippers, and even a body scrubber. Brown spent months of research to make sure the kit includes materials that are safe and appropriate.

Users pour paint on a canvas and then create a work of art with their bodies. The canvas can then be stretched, mounted and coated with finish. LOVE IS ART kits are available on the project’s website. Buyers can select from various color sets.”