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Lebanese Talent



Which Would Be Pretty Great


Be Dazzled

So we were watching the Olympics’ opening ceremony yesterday¬†(needless to say that I brought my flag to support the ten Lebanese athletes), and it was spectacular.

A Huge moving set, a thousand lights, big industrial towers, the Queen jumping from a plane with James Bond, 30 Mary poplins falling from the sky, a gigantic Dumbledore, costumes, Rock and Roll, Queen, David Bowie, fireworks… In short, a real show.

And we were discussing that this is THE show where the bigger, the crazier, the weirder, the more spectacular, THE BETTER. We were staring at the screen, with sparkling eyes. And I bet that a big portion of the world was. Because when we are given such a dazzling show, we see it with kids’ eyes. Just like at Disneyland, we go back to the feeling of being amazed by twinkly and shiny things.

Song of the day: “Yellow”- Coldplay




Time For A Revolution

Song of the day: “Revolution”- Bob Marley And The Wailers

“It takes a revolution to make a solution”


The Whole Sky

Song of the day: “You and I”- Ingrid Michaelson
“Let’s get rich and give everybody nice sweatersAnd teach them how to dance”

Transform It With Grace

So take it as an opportunity to radiate.

Song of the day: “Comptine D’un Autre Ete”- Yann Tiersen