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When in small doses, we all enjoy a little bit of it.. don’t we ? 🙂

A few sarcastic and funny roomates notes:

Song of the day:

“F*** you”- Cee-lo 🙂







And be a damn good designer.

Song of the day (shared by Lynnou!):

“Don’t worry”- Playing for Change


Men and Women

Today, a little bit of humor 🙂


Funny comparison between the evolution of men and women:

(Thanks Shauny)


Have a great day!


Shrug it Out

A lot of things will be said about you. Some true, some not. Some nice, some not.

If you’re gonna spend your time thinking of who said what, you’re gonna get caught up in a very tiring swirl of thoughts.

So retain anything that makes you happy or that will teach you a lesson and shrug out the rest.



and remember:






Song of the day: “Englishman in New York”- Sting

“Be yourself, no matter what they say”




So you think books aren’t made for you? then you haven’t found your type of books. And yes, there is a type of book you would love to read. you just gotta find it.

You’re reading this now, aren’t you? 🙂


Without you feeling it, reading stimulates your brain and brings you back to the “true” knowledge. Not the knowledge of what others are doing, not the knowledge of who is dating who and who went where and what is happening now. The real one. The one that will take you places.



Check out this link, it’s the most interesting magazine covers:


Sunday morning song: “Colors”- Amos Lee



Say it With a Smile

Whatever you need to say, whatever you want to say, say it.  Just do it.

Just don’t be reckless with people’s feelings. Sugarcoat it if you need to.

But DO SAY IT. Let it all out.

Here’s a legendary “Say it with a smile” Crest Campaign:

Song of the day- “Say Say Say”- Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney:

In any case:





Homeward Bound

As the holidays get closer, everyone is on the road back home. You can feel the anticipation, the excitement…

And then when you get there, the simplest most average things that you used to take for granted become precious.


Song of the day: “Homeward Bound”- Simon and Garfunkel

And to end, a weird/creepy but somewhat funny cat wishing you happy holidays 🙂

Have a safe trip home!