“Great Dancing Moves and Plus Nice Romance”

“I wanted to make something energetic, optimistic, universal, and real. I thought back to my favorite age in life, when the world feels big in a good way. For me, that was when I was 11. I wondered, are kids at 11 still happy and excited about inheriting this crazy world?  Are they still having as much fun as I did when I was that age?”

“As I shot the film, I realized that regardless of where these children were living, the diverse economic, social and cultural environments, what they all shared was a sense of hope, a clarity of expression and openness. Adults sometimes lose some of these qualities. I think one of the reasons the film resonates so much with such diverse audiences is because we can all relate to being that age.”



One response to ““Great Dancing Moves and Plus Nice Romance””

  1. Lala says :

    hahaha that last kid is in the best!!

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