But their Significance is Affirmed by Others


A video that gave me a bitter-sweet smile this morning:

In “Yarmouk”, a camp in Syria, kids are singing to the sound of Ayham al-Ahmad’s piano. He uses his passion to bring a ray of sun to the people inside the camp, and to the people outside Syria. Listen to the lyrics, here are a few translated:

“Come back loved ones, we’ve had enough absents”
“Come back and let’s remember how we were kids, playing of the roofs and hiding behind walls

“For those in Turkey, Yarmouk misses you
For those in Lebanon, Yarmouk misses you
For those in Bahrein, Yarmouk misses you…”

“For those in Yarmouk, Yarmouk loves you, Yarmouk loves you, Yarmouk loves you…”

The smile on their faces!


“There are always meaningful songs for somebody. People are doing their courting, people are finding their wives, people are making babies, people are washing their dishes, people are getting through the day, with songs that we may find insignificant. But their significance is affirmed by others. There’s always someone affirming the significance of a song by taking a woman into his arms or by getting through the night. That’s what dignifies the song. Songs don’t dignify human activity. Human activity dignifies the song.”- Leonard cohen





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