Smart With Smartphones

Every time I hear someone complaining about Whatsapp and how “irritating” it is, I have this urge to start an argument. But end up opting for a smile and a nod.

I’m not saying that I don’t find people who are constantly on their phones annoying. Believe me, there were times I wanted to snatch the phone out of a person’s hands and throw it in their face. But that’s about politeness. That’s different.

Yesterday, while driving to work, I passed by the security guard of a building. He was chatting on his phone (probably on Whatsapp) and had the biggest smile on his face. And I thought: he guards a building of three floors; so if we assume an average of three persons per apartment, this guy, on his busiest day, sees 9 people. And probably for less than a minute. Maybe two of these people actually greet him with a smile. Maybe, MAYBE, a delivery guy says hi to him on his way to a delivery mission. But that’s it. Other than that, he just sits there, the whole day, staring at the street. That’s what his day looks like.

And in come smartphones!
Portable, convenient, not too expensive and entertaining.



Far from the attention seekers, the meal-documenter, the preachers, the braggers, and all the others; are the ones who are smartly benefiting from this world.

Think of grandmas who can see pictures of their grandchild living abroad (ok that’s IF, of course, your grandma knows how to use a smartphone. Mine still pocket-dials my number every other day).

Think of the waiting time that is “efficiently” used: instead of counting the squares on the doctor’s waiting room floor, you can actually text a friend abroad, for free.


But when you are around people, keep you phone on silent mode, and far from you, use it moderately and intelligently. The urge is easy to resist once you realize that the world will carry on, even if you don’t read that message.

And please, oh please, stop arrogantly criticizing the tech generation. The world evolves, get over it, get on board, and embrace it.



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