Same Same but Different


People always mistake me for my sister on the phone, and vice versa. Which is pretty common between siblings. Nothing extraordinary there.

Then one day, Elie, a friend of mine asked my childhood friend Diane (who he had just met) whether she knew me because “she talked in the same way” as I did.

Then, a few weeks ago, Pascale was going to San Francisco so I introduced her to my good friend Shaun. The night they met up, he sends me a picture of them two and tells me that she reminds him of me and that he almost mistook her for me when she called him.

Bear in mind that Pascale, Diane and my sister couldn’t be more different in the way they talk. Yet somehow, I talk “exactly the same way as they do” according to those people.


It’s crazy how much the people we hang out with influence the little things, the ones we unconsciously absorb, the movements/expressions we replicate. It’s as if we go through our days collecting those little things and accumulating them to construct our own mix.

I always make fun of my friends who live in Paris and end up using french expressions (especially “du coup”), but after having spent only a few months in Marseille, I had already started using some of my friend Claire’s expressions, I even caught myself doing a small head movement she usually does! 




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