What’s in a Year?


When I read a book, I draw little stars next to the sentences or paragraphs that inspire me or that I find interesting in a way. A few days ago I picked up a book that I had read a year ago, exactly.  “Va ou ton Coeur te Porte” by Suzanna Tamaro, recommended to me by my friend Cyril, is a series of letters from a woman to her grand daughter discussing different ideas and thoughts about life, love, time, and so on…

As I was reading it for the second time, I was confused by the stars that I had put in there. And, frankly, I was a bit annoyed by the old me. This sentence? Seriously?

I made no sense, but it probably resonated with me at the time. Did I change so much that I can’t even comprehend the reason behind me finding this or that interesting?

Crazy how much goes on in only a year, think about it. Where were you last year, and how much has happened since?


So I picked up a pen of another color and started drawing new stars. Let’s see what next-year-me thinks of that.




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