The Rocking Chair Theory

Lately, I took the not-very-wise decision to travel to London for a concert.

I say not-very-wise because I am in between two jobs, I am soon moving much closer to London making it more logical to go then, I am not super solid financially, I am in the middle of a visa-process to work abroad, so my passport is currently in the hands of the embassy, and, honestly, there isn’t a BIG reason for me to go there. I just really want to go to that concert.

A proper “caprice”.

And in comes the “Rocking-chair” theory. Whenever Mia and I have doubts about things we want to do, we imagine ourselves, 60 years from now, sitting in rocking chairs and remembering the old times. How do our old selves sound when remembering this decision?

“Hey, remember when you came to London for that concert? We were awesome weren’t we?”

Yep, sounds pretty good to me.




One response to “The Rocking Chair Theory”

  1. momonine says :

    That`s a real good method, I should do the same cos I am VERY bad in decisions… Thank you 🙂

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