Cuts and bruises.

When we were kids, we used to brag about them: “j’ai CINQ blessure. Une la, une la,…” We were a wall of fame of our best falls, and every scar had a story behind it.

Every time we had a wound, our moms used to draw a big comforting sun/flower with the red “mercurochrome” on them. Then, as the days went by, we used to scratch the surface to see what would happen: will there be blood or is it healed already? Same with the bruises, we used to observe their transformation from red to blue, to purple and yellow.

Today, if we have a minuscule scratch on our finger, we take care of it as if our whole arm will fall off otherwise. And god forbid we should scratch the surface: “it will leave a trace. FOREVER.”

But really, if you think of it, our bruises make us feel alive. The “watch your step” or the “wet floor” signs are for the older people. As long as your body can function, use it every way you can. Challenge that wet floor sign by organizing a gliding competition in the hallway. Climb the next tree you see, jump up a fence. No good story ever started with a wise decision.


And worse comes to worst, you always have the cool multicolored cartoon band-aids.

(Thanks Lyno for the inspiration)



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