Flip The Tape And Wait

You know when you discover “hidden tracks” in a CD, or when you discover a “Side B” to a tape? At first, the songs sound too new, not familiar enough, you can’t sing to them and find trouble following the melody. It’s annoying. But once you’ve listened to them a few times already, you start to actually enjoy them more than the “side A” tracks.

Aaand when you do go back to Side A, you appreciate the “old” songs even more.


Same goes with everything.

A few nights ago, I went out with the girls, and I realized that I started liking my new routine, after a big lifestyle change. And while we were shouting and laughing (there was even clapping at some point), in the middle of a pub, I thought to myself that wherever you go, whatever you do (even if it is unemployment that you are doing), the dust will settle and you will start developing a taste for your new habits.

(Picture taken in “Chaplin” pub, Beirut)



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