If My Car Had Ears

When you live abroad and come back to your home country, there are things that you didn’t know you had missed until you had them again. One of my biggest discoveries was how much I had missed singing loudly in my car with no reserve whatsoever.

You can’t sing with your all your lungs in the metro, in a cab, or in the showers of shared dorms… Unless you have a car or live in an isolated place, you are actually never completely alone. Sound wise of course.

The first time I drove to Beirut, I rediscovered my screaming – i mean singing- talent and couldn’t help but wonder.. how do people without cars let all this music out?

Song of the day: “The Animal Song”- Savage Garden

A bit old but with the perfect combination of high pitched notes and screaming sequences đŸ™‚




One response to “If My Car Had Ears”

  1. Diane says :

    they have showers … hopefully soundproof…
    or some have zumba for a body musical exhilaration!!
    Love you! I can’t wait for you to come to the US!!!

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